In Lima, the second driest capital of the world, there are more than 2 million people who do not have access to proper sanitation and to the sewage system due to water scarcity and lack of public investment. Families living in these areas –so called shantytowns – use pit latrines in their homes. When feces accumulate, their homes and communities convert into infectious areas. The consequences are mortal diseases, bad odors, nuisance from insects (flies and cockroaches) and rats. The pit latrines contaminate the groundwater and harm the foundation of the houses. Our mission is to change that reality and to give dignity and a better quality of lives to those in need.


1 billion people worldwide live in urban slums and lack access to reliable sanitation systems. More than 2 million of them live in Lima, Peru. They are our current and future customers.

Lima is the 2nd driest capital in the world. A conventional water based seweage system cannot reach all of its population. Unsafe sanitation leads to the spreading of various diseases.

Malpractices such as using latrines, buckets, or defecating in the open result in polluted waters and lands; families’ homes and neighborhoods become inhabitable.

Diarrhea is the second deadliest disease in the world. It kills more people than Malaria, HIV/Aids and TB combined, affecting around 760 000 children under five each year.


We install affordable dry toilets users can put wherever they want in their home. It separates urine from feces. The feces fall into a separate container and the client pours a handful of sawdust over it, to dehydrate the feces eliminating bad smell, insects (flies and cockroaches) and diseases. For US$ 13 per month we come by and collect the waste every week. We recycle it into high quality compost that is used to enrich soil.

To find out more about the combination of the dry, portable toilet and the weekly pick-up service that we offer in Peru, visit our Family’s page.


x-runner has established an alliance with Separett, one of the world’s leading urine separating toilet manufacturers. Quality and efficiency are the guiding stars for Separett. Their products are well designed to satisfy customers’ high demands on environmental impact, function and quality. Our customers are provided with Separett’s Villa model – a perfectly designed and flawlessly functional toilet that is comfortable and easy to use.