x-runner is one of those rare organisations that not only cares deeply about their customers, but really understands them as well. They spend time with their customers, know their needs, and strive to offer their sanitation solutions in a way that fits their customers’ lives.
Joan Dorsey
Design for Extreme Affordability - Stanford University


At x-runner, we believe that the dry toilet is the future of sanitation for the entire world, where water scarcity is increasing rapidly. x-runner operates in a country that lacks public investment, has an abundance of informal properties, geographical challenges, water scarcity and inadequate sanitation design. The reason for our success lies in having combined different unique factors:


x-runner is the first to implement a domestic dry toilet service with a system based on urine diversion technology in South America.


To pay for this service, our customers use an innovative payment system that involves Banking Agents (kiosks and small shops that are connected to Banks), thereby inserting users in to the banking system.


We never lose our users out of sight. All our efforts revolve around delivering on our promise of high quality and reliability, while maintaining the flexibility to implement improvements to the model based on customer feedback.


The pick up service is the key element of our success. Every week customers can exchange their full bucket of feces for a fresh biodegradable bag and sawdust at our collection truck. It is at this moment where we collect information and feedback from them about the service and product. We also solve problems they might have and we ensure that they will go home with a smile. This is what allow us to maintain a personal customer relationship and to provide a high quality service.


We believe in implementing modern technology wherever possible. Each bucket we deliver and collect is equipped with an NFC tag holding a customer´s code. We register and process all our information by combining the use of Salesforce.com and ODK on our mobile phones, therefore facilitating access to information and guaranteeing a high level of efficiency.


We are a team of 18 Peruvian professionals with four years of experience working in the sector. The majority has been with us since the beginning, having had the chance to grow within the organization professionally. We also hire staff who are our clients or residents of our impact area. This way we better understand the socioeconomic context of our beneficiaries and maintain an approach focused on our customers.


    Participation in ECLA Program at Columbia Business School.
    Participation in ECLA Program at Columbia Business School.
    • Along with our non-profit affiliate in Peru, x-runner Venture helped build the movement of Certified B Corps in Peru.
    • Isabel Medem, finalist at Gifted Citizen, Mexico.
    • Innóvate Perú: Mérito a la Innovación
    • Isabel Medem, finalist at Gifted Citizen, Mexico.
    • StartUp Perú Award, for high-impact dynamic enterprises.
    • Isabel Medem, makes Forbes 30 under 30, category Social Enterprise.
    • Isabel Medem, MIT Technology Review Prize Peru, for Innovators under 35.
    • Finalist at Kunan Prize 2014, Peru.
    • 1 of SUSTAINIA100 innovative and sustainable solutions.
    • B Corp’s top 500 “Best for the World List”.
    • Isabel Medem, finalist at Unilever’s Sustainable Living, Young Entrepreneurs Award.
    • 2nd Place at the 3S Global Sourcing Award in the category “Out-of-the-box
    • 3rd Place at the 3S Global Sourcing Award in the category “Community Engagement”
    • Semi-Finals Echoing Green 2013
    • 2013 Buckminster Fuller Challenge Entrants
    • The NextBillion Mind 2011 Winner